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Please consider the following when attending your first class:

  • Show up on time! We lock our doors right when class starts! Arrive at least 10-15min early to get settled in! Please share with the teacher any injuries that you feel are important for them to know.

  • Yoga Mats: Bring a yoga mat if you have one! If not, we have one you can borrow!

  • Clothing: Wear comfortable clothing that you can move and sweat in!

  • Water: Bring a water bottle. Keep hydrated!

  • Towel: Please bring one, you will sweat!

  • Eat: Don’t eat too much before you come to class.

  • Have fun! Keep an open mind and be patient. We are all here for the same reason - So enjoy the journey!


Do you guys have showers?

If you’re heading to Bakersfield studio YES we do!... bring a towel and whatever you need to shower off after class!!!! We do not have showers at Lancaster location

I have never practiced yoga before! Do I need to come to the studio really early for paperwork, do I need to pre-register and what class should I take?!

Great! We are excited to have you! Just come to class 10 minutes early to fill out the New Student form and to get you settled in! No need to pre-register, just come on by! All our classes at The Yoga Roots are a Vinyasa based flow class and are for all levels. So you are more than welcome to attend any class on the schedule! Our highly qualified instructors will help you out along the way! Just remember to have fun! The journey is the best part!


What style of yoga and class is right for me?

All classes offered at The Yoga Roots are for all levels, so you are more than welcome to attend any class on the schedule! We do offer slow flow classes that are a bit slower and geared towards newbies if you are interested in something a bit slower paced! Our highly qualified teachers will help you out along the way! All classes are vinyasa flow. 


What if I have physical stuff going on?

Yoga is for everyBODY! Yoga can be very therapeutic for the body, mind and spirit while facing any physical discomfort in the body. Always inform your instructor of any concerns you may be experiencing, for example: back, neck, shoulder or knee pain, blood pressure, pregnancy, etc... All classes at The Yoga Roots are for all levels. Just let the instructor know if you have any concerns so we can help you out along the way!


I just found out I am pregnant, should I do yoga? Do you offer prenatal classes?

First off, CONGRATS!!! Yoga is a great way to support your body and the newly forming body of your child. There are some precautions however, so you will want to ask your doctor! We do not offer prenatal classes, but we encourage you to attend any class on the schedule and modify the poses as your belly grows! Just make sure to let your instructor know that you are pregnant, of course!


What are the benefits of Yoga?

Where do we begin?! SO SO SO many amazing benefits! It's life changing, really!

Some benefits include...

Brings balance to the body, mind and spirit.
Helps with strength and flexibility
Calms the mind, reduces stress and anxiety
Lowers blood pressure
Increases circulation
Strengthens and tones muscles
Helps to detoxify
Increases metabolism and energy
Improve sleep
Reverse aging
Lose weight
Relief from joint pain or arthritis

and much much more!


I am not flexible, is yoga for me?

Thats why we come to yoga! We encourage modifications and the use of props! We have everything available for you to use at the studio, like blocks and straps, so no need to bring anything other than your excitement and curiosity! Yoga is not about being or getting flexible, it is about bringing balance to your body.


What do I need to do to prepare for a class?

You should wear comfortable clothing that you are ready to sweat in! There are no shoes or socks in class so be prepared to take em' off! Please don't wear any colognes or perfumes. Bring a mat if you have one, if not you can borrow one of ours! Avoid practicing with a full stomach and drink plenty of water before class to remain hydrated. Oh, and be prepared to have a lot of fun and meet some cool new friends! We can't wait to meet you!