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Hi guys!!!! My name is Shannon Quigley, maiden name is Shannon Collier :) I was born and raised in Bakersfield and moved out to the Antelope Valley about 7 years ago with my husband Kyle, for his job!

Yoga Space was my very first yoga home. I took my first yoga class at Yoga Space. Paula and Kathleen were my very first yoga teachers. And That was about 12 years ago! 

So for me, this feels like coming back “home” 

Full circle.

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When Paula asked me if I wanted to take over Yoga Space and transition into The Yoga Roots I was so so excited for the opportunity. I am SO excited to meet each and every one of you and to create, move, breathe and sweat together! 

Let me tell you a little bit about me and how The Yoga Roots was born … 

After high school (go Centennial Hawks!) I went to college to become an architect. Graduated and worked for a few different firms over the years. During that time I started practicing yoga, went to a yoga teacher training and got my 200 hour certification to teach in 2008. Soon after, I started teaching yoga in Bakersfield!

Fast forward to 2011, I moved out to the Antelope Valley with my husband. Lots of training, certifications and thousands of classes later, I was excited to bring yoga to Lancaster and teach everywhere I could! Come to find out, there were absolutely no yoga studios! So Kyle built out our garage and made the cutest little studio. I opened it up to the public and taught 8-10 classes a week. I could fit 13 people…smashed. :)

We got busier and busier so we decided to open a yoga studio on the Blvd in downtown Lancaster and opened in 2013. From me personally teaching 30 classes to week, to now; 10 teachers, lots of love, sweat and happy tears later, we are in the process of relocating just right down the street from our current space to a bigger location! Should be open this month! 

The Yoga Roots is a Baptiste Affiliate studio… what does that mean? That means you are guaranteed to step into a community, to meet new friends and to experience powerful, sweaty, fun classes that will allow you to explore and expand what’s possible. Come as you are, do what you can and get ready to have fun!

Our mission here is simple; to create community, empower each other and to raise the bar on and off the mat. 

I know this process of transition is not going to be over night and really, I don’t want it to be! I know its going to be a bit messy too. And all of that is OK! I want to be as transparent as possible with each of you! We are all in this together!

Yoga Space has been your yoga home and I want to honor that. 

All of your class packs and unlimited memberships will be transferred right over with no delay! All of your favorite teachers and all of your same classes will remain the same! 

My intention with the months ahead is to add more classes, build the team, bring in workshops, get out into the community and to celebrate this bad ass life together! 

And with that, I want to hear from you and create together! 

If you have any questions, concerns or just want to chat please call or email me! I am ready and excited to get to know you!

Lots and lots of love,

Shannon, Kyle and Carter Quigley