Get ready to ignite your inner fire! The 30 Day Challenge is designed to assist you in creating powerful, new happy and healthy habits in your life and to let go of habits that have been holding you back from living life to the fullest! Challenge yourself and have an awesome yoga practice! Take a class at The Yoga Roots every day for 30 days!

Love Instagram/Facebook??? Tag @TheYogaRoots on Instagram / Facebook during the 30 days & use #tyr30days and #theyogaroots you can be in a pose or just anything in life that inspires you. By posting every day, you will keep yourself motivated and inspire those around you! (do you have to post on social media? Of course not! It's just a fun way to keep everyone accountable!)

Challengers Receive:

  • Your name on the “Challenge Star Board” in lobby. This helps you visually track your progress and you become an inspiration to others.

  • A new relationship with your yoga practice.

  • All who complete the full 30 days of practicing at The Yoga Roots once a day will receive a TYR completion shirt and 25% off discount on any single item in the studio.

  • One person will WIN free 30 days unlimited yoga!


Challenge starts: July 8, 2019

Challenge ends: August 6, 2019

Cost: $35 to join AND use your current unlimited yoga membership // don't have a membership? Join for just $90 per month! (not valid with new student special)



What is this about anyway? Practice yoga at The Yoga Roots everyday for 30 days. 30 classes in 30 days! There will be a star board up at the studio - after class, see the instructor to receive your star to put by your name everyday!

Tag @TheYogaRoots on Instagram / Facebook each day during the 30 days & use #tyr30days and #theyogaroots You can be in a pose or just anything that inspires you. By posting every day, you will keep yourself motivated!

Do I have to post something on Instagram or Facebook? No, not at all! But it is encouraged! 

Cost: $35 to join & use whatever class pass you currently have or purchase the unlimited package for $90. please note that the new student special is not valid toward this program. please purchase a membership or just one month of yoga for $120. questions? call/text us! 6619794092

What do I get if I complete the full 30 days? You will receive a Yoga Roots completion shirt and 25% discount on 1 item in the studio. You will even enjoy a wide range of benefits including stress reduction, weight loss and an evolved practice! And one person will win 30 days unlimited yoga!

Who can do it? Everyone! All levels are welcome. 

Do I have to attend any certain class? Attend any class and any teacher! Just practice at the studio once a day.

Can I miss a few days and do no yoga at all? No. You will get 5 “free be” days but you have to make them up. (see details below)

  • Double up! Practice at TYR - 2 classes in one day to make up for it.

  • You can listen to our podcast. Practice yoga at home by listening to our podcast posted on our website!

  • out of town? practice at another studio!

Just let us know when you are using a “free be” day to put up your star at the studio!

Just remember to listen to your body throughout these 30 days. If you feel one day that you aren't up to it, take it easy. Give it just 50% of your effort. Just show up on your mat, listen to your body and be where you need to be. We are own worst critic. So take it easy and just remember how awesome you are.

Don’t forget to just have fun! It’s about the journey not the destination!



Questions? please contact us! shannon@theyogaroots.com 

No refunds, no transfers, and no credits for cancellations within 48hours of workshop start date. No refunds or credits for failure to attend or failure to complete the workshop.