Check out this video to learn more about YOD from the creators at Minnesota Power Yoga Baptiste Affiliate Studio!

What does YOD look like?

YOD is Intentional exercise. You get the yogavibes combined with a high intensity, sweaty workout. We’re proud to say we don’t use props or equipment in YOD (ie: bands, weights, stability balls). You’ll leave this class ready to take on the world!

Here’s the breakdown: 

  • 20-minute Power Yoga Warm-up
    • Sun salutations A & B to fully warm up the body
    • Active poses within a flowing sequence
    • Set intentions and build community
  • 25-minute Strength and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
    • Work your upper body, lower body and core individually and together
    • Learn how to integrate exercises into full body movements (compound movements)
    • Use your own body weight and focused attention to experience the full expression of each exercise
  • 15-minute cooldown and savasana
    • Restorative yoga postures designed to bring the body back to a balanced state
    • Acknowledge and appreciate the resilience and strength of your being
    • Rest and relax in savasana so you leave class feeling fully rejuvenated